Proud to be your farmers


a little about us

Back in 2013 we all met at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Piedmont (Italy) where we

spent four wonderful years studying the origins, taste and culture of food. This is when we started dreaming how it would be to become a farmer? Even better, farming together? After graduation we all went into the wide world to work and learn about organic farming and to explore the food sector. Some time later in 2018 the time had come to start a project of our own; and here we are, the new Stadsgroenteboeren who can’t wait to produce delicious vegetables for the local community of Amsterdam!

Photoshop-all-of-us (1).jpg


Julia Crijen

Ferrari driver

She drives the hand tractor like no one else


Andres Jara

Salsa developer

He will make the best in town


Laura Wüthrich

Financial consultant

She knows it all to get our number right


Milo Buur

Toolshed coordinator

Ask him where the zappa is and he will show you.

Lisa Fellmann

Fertilization supervisor

As her everything about nutrient cocktails