Although the space is quite small, we produce a considerable amount of vegetables by applying bio-intensive techniques. That includes dense planting systems and multiple plantings on the same bed over the season. At the same time we are very conscious about keeping our soil fertile and healthy, using compost, green manures and all of nature’s ingenious ways in order to not only keep, but actually improve the quality of our piece of land.

Feed the soil and it will feed your plants!


this is a tractor free zone

We work as much as possible without the use of heavy machinery. We never deep plow our fields and aim to minimize shallow plowing as we gain more experience. Most of the tasks we perform can be completed by hand and innovative hand tools. In this way we reduce soil compaction and create space for microorganisms, fungi and arthropods. We also cover the soil whenever we can. Especially earthworms, the engineers of the soil, love it! Thanks to a bountiful soil life we are getting a well structured soil that can perform its functions such as retaining nutrients and water.


compost & biodiversity, no chemicals

We don’t use any synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or insecticides. We prefer to create the right circumstances for healthy plants, rather than fighting symptoms with short term solutions. By using a great variety of crops and by planting flowers and shrubs we want to create a diverse ecosystem on and around the farm. This provides habitat for natural predators as well as food sources for pollinators, because what would we do without them!

We buy organic seeds whenever possible and are particularly fond of old and resistant varieties. We plan to establish our own compost system over the coming years to work towards a closed cycle.

We are not organically certified as we believe that having a relationship with the people that produce your food and being able to talk to your farmer are far more important. We want you to come by the farm to see for yourself, and we would like your appreciation as our certification!