Proud to be your farmers!

a little about us

We are (from left to right) Andres, Laura, Lisa, Julia and Milo. Gardeners, cooks, bakers, cheesemakers, scientists and food entrepreneurs from the Netherlands, Switzerland and Colombia. We met at a small university in Piedmont (Italy) where we spent four wonderful years studying the origins, taste and culture of food. Over the last few years each of us went on their individual journey around Europe to work on different organic farms and to explore the food sector. When the time had come for a project of our own Wout ten Have, the first Stadsgroenteboer, offered us to take over his vegetable garden in December 2018. We jumped right into it and now we can’t wait to start producing delicious vegetables for the local community of Amsterdam!

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Julia Crijnen

Born in the Netherlands, made her first steps in vegetable growing, like so many kids from the city, on her small balcony. Now she is the driving force behind our crop planning, making sure our boxes have something new and exciting to offer every week. She studied anthropology in Amsterdam before doing a masters in Food & Sustainability in Italy. Next to being a stadsgroenteboerin she runs a small catering business together with Milo, cooking with seasonal and local ingredients. With her love for photography she is responsible for the documentation of the farming progress.


Andres Jara

Born in Colombia, trained as a chef in Peru, had his own catering company in Colombia, studied gastronomic sciences in Italy, mastered the technique of Italian butchery in Tuscany and is now growing vegetables in the Netherlands. He left the picturesque hills of Tuscany behind him to start this adventure with us and still needs some time to get used to the rainy, cold, climate. With his enthusiasm and networking skills he will make sure that word gets around fast that five new vegetable farmers have arrived into town. His favorite side project is a hot sauce recipe he is developing with a special blend of our hot peppers.


Laura Wüthrich

Born in Switzerland, brings a refreshing no-nonsense attitude to the workplace. This woman of many talents has a passion for fermentation and is a mastermind of organization. She has gained experience in farming in different contexts, from Indian tropical permaculture to Swiss alpine pasture. She makes sure we keep on track with our plantings and that our operations run smoothly. When not working in the vegetable garden she bakes sourdough bread or is trying to follow the steps on the Lindy Hop dance floor. She recently moved from Basel to Amsterdam and is new to the language and the flatness of the landscape but will eventually find a way to deal with both. Her visual talents and creativity often come in very handy, for example when we were designing this new website!


Milo Buur

Born in the Netherlands, worked as a chef in Amsterdam before moving to Italy where he studied gastronomic sciences and met the rest of the team. He runs a little catering business together with Julia and can transform the most null ingredients into a feast. He is on a quest to find the best-tasting vegetable varieties for our farm and will make staff-lunch the highlight of our day. At the farm he is the one making sure that our infrastructure is working smoothly; he can spend nights looking for the most ingenious irrigation system or the best position for the toolshed.


Lisa Fellmann

Born in Switzerland, is finishing her masters degree in agroecology at the University of Wageningen. She discovered her passion for farming when volunteering on organic farms in New Zealand when she was 19. Although living in the Netherlands for less than a year she is learning the language rapidly and is charming her Dutch colleagues with her Swiss accent and fondness to use new-learned Dutch expressions. With her deep knowledge of vegetable production, weed control and sustainable growing practices she is invaluable to the team. She has a critical eye and is in charge of quality control when it comes to our produce and the tools and materials we invest in.